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Deposit account for private individuals

Savings account with up to 2,10% interest rate

A savings account with Maritime & Merchant has no limitations in regards to withdrawals or fixed terms. You will receive the best interest from the first NOK on deposits over NOK 500.000 or USD 50.000. The savings account is self-serviced in our online bank.

A balance below NOK 500.000 has 0,3% interest rate.

NOK Savings account with floating interest rate - private customers
 Nominal interest rateEffective interest rate
Below NOK 500.000 0,30% 0,30%
From NOK 500.000 to NOK 2.500.000 2,10% 2,10%

The bank is currently not receiving any corporate customers.   

Saving in USD

Deposits products USD Amount from Amount to Nominal interest rate Effective interest rate

Standard USD





USD 1 year
(367 days binding*)





USD 2 years binding*





* See price list for terms and conditions.

  • With 1 month USD deposit the bank must be notified 31 calendar days prior to withdrawal.
  • With 1 year USD deposit the bank must be notified 31 calendar days prior to withdrawal.
  • With 2 years USD fixed rate the deposit is not available in the agreed period, from the day of the deposit to 18th September 2020

Interest will be credited at year end.

The bank must be notified 367 calendar days prior to withdrawing.

Maritime & Merchant is a member of The Norwegian Banks’ Guarantee Fund. The guarantee covers the customers’ deposits in any member bank, including interests, limited to NOK 2 million per member bank. More information at The Norwegian Banks’ Guarantee Fund. Interest will be accrued by year end.

For questions regarding the deposit products, contact us on info@mmbank.no.